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Entdecken Sie jetzt unsere neue Saisonkarte mit köstlichen Gerichten!
Genießen Sie delikate Speisen mit zartem Matjes und anderen Sommerzutaten.

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We designed our tavern inspired by the history of Fuessen...


A Roman backyard was formerly the market where goods were transshipped.

Itinerant traders as well as local craftsmen were responsible for taking care of everyday things. Our market booths surround the courtyard, which was used for many purposes:

we use it for our long tables to serve food and drink. Niches surround the courtyard with typical craft and trader professions.

A pottery, cooperage, art forge, herbs and spice merchants, philosophers, basketry, the stonemason and cartwright.

Thick pillars carry the porches and overhangs where the powerful merchants and noble ladies amused themselves during events. Ceilings and walls are adorned with sketchs of illustrations and samples of traditional documentation.

These were used as templates for the production of goods and tools.

The catering concept, planning, design,

implementation, craftsmanship and everything you see was made by ourselves with lovingly detailed work.

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Taverne Beim Olivenbauer

Ottostraße 7

87629 Füssen

Phone: +49 (0)8362 – 6250

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