If you would like to reserve a table in one of our Olivenbauer, simply fill in the fields below and we will be contacted automatically.

Reasons for our reservations

Regarding the reservations, we can't even count how many fake reservations we've had lately. Obviously, making reservations at different restaurants and then choosing one without canceling the other is a new sport. This is not only an economic catastrophe, it also deprives other guests of the opportunity to use this space for a comfortable stay one to two hours beforehand.

We have found that we can make more people happy if we do not reserve at fixed times. There is a natural flow of guests. We don't have to turn visitors away because tables are reserved and can therefore allow a spontaneous stay. That's why we ask you to just come. It may take a moment for a table to become available, but the beer garden and restaurant are large, so everyone gets a seat. 

Dear guests, with us, tables are like white sausages: we like to share them!
Help us to preserve the Bavarian coziness and let's move closer together at the tables.
Space for everyone and lots of fun guaranteed!

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