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Brewing equipment

We have our own small brewery with a volume of two hectoliters and brew our own beer.

Many parts of our brewery is still controlled manually and is not fully automatic, as can be found in many other breweries. Each fermentation tank can be controlled individually, so we can freely determine the temperatures and times. At every stage of brewing, we can observe smell, taste and appearance at any time. All this makes our brewery so unique.

We are not forced to stick to a certain rhythm like large breweries, and can therefore decide spontaneously which type of beer we would like to have next.

Try our home brewed beers: Aunt Paula, Uncle Josef and Aunt Liesl! They are all unfiltered, thats the only way how all the good ingredients are still in the beer.

Aunt Paula

naturally cloudy, tasty

An unfiltered, bottom-fermented, light full-bodied beer. Poured into the glass, the Paula shines in a rich golden orange. In the nose it unfolds a balanced mix of hoppy citrus and rustic malt aromas, with a hint of forest honey. The Paula is balanced and mild, with a slightly hoppy finish.

Tante Paula Bier
Onkel Josef Bier

Uncle Josef

Dark, malty

An unfiltered, top-fermented, dark full beer!
The Josef greets us with its rustic, chocolate-brown color and its firm, cream-colored foam. Rich malt aromas with a light caramel sweetness and a hint of roasted coffee can be found on the nose. The first sip already confirms this impression and, in addition to the sweet and caramel aromas, also brings bready and chocolatey impressions. The finish confirms the impression of this wonderful, balanced representative of the archetypal dark beer.

Aunt Liesl

Fresh, pearly

An unfiltered, top-fermented, pale wheat beer. Even in the glass you can see the fine bubbles rising in this honey-colored wheat beer. An intense scent of fruits such as bananas and pears welcomes us over the firm foam. In the mouth you can feel the pleasant, refreshing tingling of the carbon dioxide, mixed with banana and caramel aromas. After the drink, exciting spicy notes of cloves and nutmeg remain, inviting you to take the next sip. Bottom up!

Tante Liesl Bier